Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 NFL Preseaon Schedule Announced

Green Bay vs. Indianapolis (ESPN, 8/7)

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 11-15
Dallas at Los Angeles (ESPN, 8/13)
Carolina at Baltimore
Cleveland at Green Bay
Denver at Chicago
Detroit at Pittsburgh
Houston at San Francisco
Indianapolis at Buffalo
Jacksonville at NY Jets
Miami at NY Giants
Minnesota at Cincinnati
New Orleans at New England
Oakland at Arizona
San Diego at Tennessee
Seattle at Kansas City
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
Washington at Atlanta

WEEK 2 – AUGUST 18-22
Arizona at San Diego
Atlanta at Cleveland
Baltimore at Indianapolis
Carolina at Tennessee
Chicago at New England
Cincinnati at Detroit
Kansas City at Los Angeles
Miami at Dallas
Minnesota at Seattle
New Orleans at Houston
NY Giants at Buffalo
NY Jets at Washington
Oakland at Green Bay
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
San Francisco at Denver
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville

WEEK 3 – AUGUST 25-28
Atlanta at Miami (NBC, 8/25)
Cleveland at Tampa Bay (CBS, 8/26)
Tennessee at Oakland (CBS, 8/27)
San Diego at Minnesota (FOX, 8/28)
Arizona at Houston (FOX, 8/28)
Cincinnati at Jacksonville (NBC, 8/28)
Buffalo at Washington
Dallas at Seattle
Detroit at Baltimore
Green Bay at San Francisco
Kansas City at Chicago
Los Angeles at Denver
New England at Carolina
NY Giants at NY Jets
Philadelphia at Indianapolis
Pittsburgh at New Orleans

Baltimore at New Orleans
Buffalo at Detroit
Chicago at Cleveland
Denver at Arizona
Green Bay at Kansas City
Houston at Dallas
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Jacksonville at Atlanta
Los Angeles at Minnesota
New England at NY Giants
NY Jets at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Carolina
San Francisco at San Diego
Seattle at Oakland
Tennessee at Miami
Washington at Tampa Bay

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moving the Blog to Wordpress

Hi Friends,

I have recently moved over to a WordPress blog.  I am hoping it will be an advantageous move for The Desiree Show.  My main objective has always been to cultivate the blog into a multi media platform to include audio interviews, video packages words and photos.

I hope you will join me The Desiree SHOW new blog.

The first piece went live on October 12, 2015 a quick piece on MNF just before San Diego hosted Pittsburg, including Chargers locker room interviews, words and photos, link is above.

Warm thanks to you all!!


Saturday, July 18, 2015


Don Pendleton's Geometry and Light Show Rocked! 

Phenomenal night at Artists Republic for Don Pendleton's Geometry and Light Show on Saturday. Guests we're able to see his premier Vans signature shoes along with a new body of work from the Grammy winning artist.

Don also added a group of artists to his show, including long time friend Todd Francis, Natas Kaupas, Ferris Plock, Jim Houser and Michael Sieben.

A filled gallery of attendees included the man of the hour, Todd Francis, Jose Cerda, the Kingman family, Phil and An from France, children and many more.  
Sean Cliver capped off a triple city art show extravaganza coming in for the finale from Comic Con to boot and was able to finally meet Pendleton in person, surprisingly for the first time. 

Dope tunes by Brian Bent and his daughter Esther, AKA Bent Duo, they rocked the house with a sound taking me back to a mix of Lux Interior meets Ian Mackaye meets beatnik surf, they were awesome!  Definitely keep an eye out to see when and where their jammin' next. 

Congrats on another phenomenal show to good true friend Don and to Torrey of Artist Republic. 

Definitely worth a trip to Laguna to check it out, show runs thru August 16th Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Meet Wildcat Nose Tackle DJ Ingram

Meet Wildcat nose tackle DJ Ingram aka Divonte Ingram
That is in case you don't know who this powerhouse is on or off the field; the El Camino senior brings it, not only on the turf, but also through his example in unfavorable times. In a 4–3 defensive set, nose tackles are rather quick and supposed to "shoot the 'A gap' and beat the center and very likely the weak-side or pulling guard into the backfield.  Illustrating exactly what Divonte is doing and what we all are praying for!

Mid November, his senior year on the field came to a halt or if you know DJ, I should say pause, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) a very rare form of cancer for someone his age.  Life drastically changed from the line to aggressive chemotherapy and the confines of a hospital.

What followed, a community that embraced the 17 year old;  blood drives, prayers, Chargers player visits, an overwhelming of love from not just Oceanside, but one that stretched throughout high schools and towns all the way through the North County and into San Diego, even nationally. A flanking of well wishes, prayers, PMA, support and aide.  He impacted us all, even Silver Pigskin finalist, Frank Buncom IV, used his interview with KUSI to speak of the need and helped with starting a fund to help him through Mission Federal Credit Union, under the name of “Divante “DJ” Ingram, AML fund”.
“Sometimes you’ve got to get the spotlight shined on you in order to pass it on to some other people who really need it,” said Buncom. “This format allowed me to get my message broadcast out, but it was less about my commitment and more about DJ Ingram. I wanted to shine a light on him.”
Dreams of UCLA on his radar, but all DJ wants is to get back to ECHS, he is planning to go to Palomar to play with the intent to become a Bruin in the future.  Obvious love for football and hoops, a former center for the Rough Riders, but he’s quite an engineer as well. With more hurdles to overcome his selflessness shines always for the other kids in the hospital with him.  He and fellow patience are in need of blood, if your Type A or Type O, you can go donate blood for DJ at any Kaiser Blood Bank, just specify for DJ and if your not, but still want to give, your gift will help others.

The love that has showered him on his road to recovery is just an indication of how he has touched us all, and the man he is, confirming the strength, dignity and respect Divonte permeates even through this adversity. His gratitude for every tweet, text, visit, prayer, blood drive is overwhelming and just as he is overcome by the love anyone who has met him feels the same.

“He seemed to be in good spirits and really excited to meet us that day.  We were just as excited!!!
  Nick Novak, The Chargers placekicker expressed about a visit with Melvin Ingram and added,
"Athletes have many things in common, one quality for me stands out...Ingram is resilient, he's a fighter and as tough as they come.  It makes no sense that Ingram or any kids for that matter would have to deal with this kind of adversity at such a young age. I have no doubt God will be at his side throughout this process every step of the way.   My thoughts and prayers are with the Ingram’s and the El Camino high school family.”

Continued prayers and PMA DJ, we’re all rooting for you!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

NFL Wildcard Saturday

Wild Card Weekend Saturday

Who you got??  Are you ready for some football!
Both should be my favorite type of game, low scoring and defensive battles.
In the NFC the early game, Arizona goes to Carolina to Bank of America Field.
While the evening is a big rivalry division game, a repeat for the third time this season vs. the two, Baltimore flies into Pittsburgs' Heinz Field.

In the NFC, kick off at 1:20 PST #AZvsCAR
The below 500 NFC South winner (7-8-1) Carolina Panthers host
the (11-5) Arizona Cardinals, the line -6 CAR
Head to head Carolina edges over Arizona at 8-5-0
but in the post only one meeting January 10, 2009 where the
Cardinals won in NC 33-13 .

AFC North showdown for Game two, kick off at 5:15 PST #BALvsPIT
More smash mouth football and the two teams who are depict this description
more than any other in this way.
Historically Pittsburg leads head to head over Baltimore 24-17-0, the
line -3 PIT.  41 meetings between the two, 1st meeting September 8th, 1996 Steelers took it 31-17
along with also winning the 3 post meetings in January (2002, 2009 & 2011)

The last meeting Nov 2, 2014 where Steelers annihilated the Ravens
43 -23.  When I think of this match up I always remember words from A player referencing the rivalry so strong that if a car broke down by the other team, and they saw on side of road they would leave them. AFC North comes in big this year with 3 of the 4 teams going to the post. Number 3 seed Steelers hosting the 6th seed Ravens.   Cinncinati goes into Indy to

Enjoy, as I will as well as there's only so much football left and the best part starts now!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yesterday on The Desiree Show, had the honor of having two amazing men, Damon Baldwin and Alphonzo Rawls, both making an impact in every area they touch.  Former LA Raiders, Aztec and current Head Coach of the (8-2) Ramona Bulldogs, joined me for a pre record earlier in the day, due to practice schedules.

While in studio was graced by former H-Street pro skater, artist, designer and the founder of EveryOneSkates, Alphonzo Rawls.

Truly thankful to both my guests for making the time and sharing so much.
You can follow Alphonzo, EverybodyAlph,  Everyoneskates on insta  and Damon on twitter and facebook, for Ramona Bulldogs.

If you missed the show live, here's part one with Damon Baldwin, part two to follow.


First Downs and Flip Tricks
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day of Dead for Chargers

Day of the Dead for Chargers, three division games in 11 days, one in 23, an egg laid, thrown and three losses in a row. It looked as if  November 2nd took the life out of the Chargers, it is Day of the dead, Dia de los Muertos, which is what the Chargers looked like in on Sundays, Fins Up Bolts Down beating 37-0, granting Chargers the largest shut out to date this season and being one of only three teams to have endured it along with the worst loss in franchise history since 1996. Add the last stretch of the season and your searching for any positives to bring to the table.

Adversity, character building, soul searching, ranting fans, total devastation in South Beach placing the Chargers with a rough road ahead to possibly see the post, yes this was a must win game, but it almost looked as if they had ventured a little farther south and ended up in the Bahamas or maybe confused with the time change. Fans even thought that the team  may have been kidnapped and Raiders had dressed as Chargers and to boot, they have another week to sit with it, not just 3 losses, but the exclamation of the embarrassing whopping.   Some even questioning the spirit of the players, the locker room, the coaching at how this could happen after a 5-1 start. Yes at 5-4, San Diego is up in arms and everyone’s got his or her two cents to throw in the pot. One thing is certain the schedule is not looking optimistic, nor has it since the commencing of the season.

Thirteen days without a game followed by 7 in 42 days with the first 2 after the bye are seemingly the most possible wins, come from two potential LA bound teams. Chargers will be hosting the Oakland Raiders then the St Louis Rams. The five that follow are all contingent play off teams @ Baltimore, vs. New England, vs. Denver, @ San Francisco, @ Kansas City and it looks as if the final 2 will also be fighting for their spots. Heavy! Yes, but try not to give up yet, if you’re a Chargers fan. The day of the Dead is to celebrate and give respect to those who have gone on, not to bury them, hang in fans and have faith in your boys!

It was Fins Up, Bolts Down

Quick Ugly hits from Miami, none if you’re a Dolphin, they were able to do just about anything they wanted on the field.

2:00 left in the half #17 vs. #17 and down 17-0, Chargers were unable to defend either line, no pass protection and no run, not when your lineman are on your side of the scrimmage. The second half went from bad to worse and delivered the worst loss in almost 20 years, comical tweets kept it light,

while others nailed them.
At the half, there was some silver lining, it could have been 35-0 Dolphins rather than 20-0, in part due by the help of Luiget getting a hand on a ball and breaking up a play, which held Dolphins to 3, vs. 7.

First game in all Phillip Rivers career that he left the field not scoring, that includes his College days as well, he had 3 INT’s and one fumble, It even appeared the Brett Grimes had been acquired by the Chargers in a trade. Rough loss on all counts, McCoy’s post interview on Xtra Sports was the most emotion filled and broken McCoy I’ve ever heard, essentially stating the truths, poor in all three phases of the game, loosing at the line on both sides of the ball. One more note, Rivers was pulled after a slight injury to his hand but, it was reported pulled because the game was out of hand. One more bad bit of news, Gates hurt his ankle, we will have to wait to see how severely, however, sending PMA to the most amazing TE ever.  Chargers Defense worst in the NFL in the red zone, and added to that record unfortunately to secure the spot.

A visual without execution is a hallucination.

The leaders of the team will need to right the ship, while the players and coaches will need to find solutions and fans will need to be patient in this long stretch. Injuries have been the Achilles heel but I think that with all injuries if you continue to win it provides positive energy however compile that with losses and I think a deadly combo, this team has character, fight and passion although somehow amiss on Sunday, they will find a way but, even if they do, it maybe too late, but remember any given Sunday. Alas, I’ll leave you with a lil bit of hope from the amazing Bobby Rubio.      
Till next week!


First Downs and Flip Tricks
Time out with Desiree, the silver linings An optimistic realist with intermittent football tourettes all the while searching for the 3rd dimension.
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